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Zapper can be described as a Web3 tool that enables users to explore and interact with Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. Zapper is not only integrated with Ethereum since it supports other blockchains such as Arbitrum, Polygon and Optimism.

This tool enables end-users to enjoy a smooth Web3 experience, explore what is happening on various blockchains and access a number of Dapps in one place.

App typeWeb3 profile management
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appYes
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • Diversity Zapper enables users to access and interact with over 100 Dapps across divergent categories such as staking, farming, lending, borrowing, and more. Basically, users can use this Web3 tool to track investment opportunities, manage assets, or participate in governance.
  • User-friendly The Zapper tool offers a simple and responsive user interface that minimises the complexity of Web3. As mentioned above, it provides a high degree of versatility. This means that users can easily use it for many activities such as conducting transactions, connecting wallets, or accessing some advanced features.
  • Transparency Zapper shows all transactions on blockchains in a human-readable manner. Users are enabled to customise their feed, create and share lists, yet also gain insight into all activities within the Web3 area. Users can view their portfolio, transactions, balances, and analytics across many blockchains and DeFi protocols.

icon Cons explained

  • Limited range The Zapper tool doesn’t support all blockchains and protocols that exist within the Web3 ecosystem. This may be a potential drawback to some users who would like to access other platforms.
  • Costs This tool sometimes requires users to pay gas fees for every transaction they conduct on the blockchain, specifically Ethereum blockchain. These can be higher or lower depending on the current demand and network congestion. Additional costs may be incurred when using some protocols or features.

icon Features

Zapper has managed to rack up a good reputation since its launch. This is due to solving one of Web3’s major problems. In simple terms, one of the biggest issues within the Web3 ecosystem is how decentralised and confusing everything became to ordinary end-users.

While decentralisation is one of Web3’s main goals, it has a potential to become overwhelming for the user interface and experience. Zapper managed to simplify the whole process by providing a research platform that gives users an overview of everything that is happening within Web3, including DeFi protocols, DAOs, NFT collections and users’ assets. This is Zapper’s main feature - providing a single dashboard to explore the Web3 ecosystem.

There are some other interesting features provided by the Zapper tool. It provides limit orders by allowing users to set a price target for swapping tokens and execute the swap automatically when the target is reached. Additionally, it enables users to Zap in/out, meaning they can enter or exit complex positions in a single transaction.


Great starting point to explore Web3 and get an overall look at your online Web3 profile.

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