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The Txstats block explorer provides a series of dashboards centred around a specific element of Bitcoin transactions such as multi-signature usage data, SegWit transaction statistics, the Lightning Network channel data, fee estimation, and others.

Built with Grafana, by Coin Metrics.

App typeBitcoin explorer and analytics
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
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  • In-depth information about the Bitcoin network Txstats provides in-depth, high quality, and timely information about how the Bitcoin network is used. This means that it collects and analyses data from the Bitcoin blockchain and presents it in a clear and approachable manner, how much they are paying in fees and so on. It demonstrates how users are using the network, what kind of transactions they are making, and how much they are paying in fees. Additionally, it demonstrates how the network is evolving over time, and how it responds to new challenges and opportunities. To sum it up, it helps users understand the current state and performance of the Bitcoin network.
  • Interactive dashboards Txstats provides interactive charts and tables and enables users to examine and compare divergent aspects of Bitcoin transactions. In other words, it allows users to visualise and even manipulate data in various ways. For example, users can zoom in or out, filter by any category, or sort out by value or frequency. This tool helps users to discover and learn more about the patterns and trends of Bitcoin transactions, along with their trade-offs and implications.

icon Cons explained

  • Only covers Bitcoin Txstats only covers Bitcoin and doesn’t support other cryptocurrencies or blockchains. This means that it is not a comprehensive block explorer that can handle any kind of crypto network. It is in-depth focused on Bitcoin and its specific characteristics. Therefore, Txstats may not be suitable for users who are interested in or involved with other crypto projects or platforms.
  • Not very user-friendly Txstats may not be very user-friendly when it comes to beginners or casual users who are not really familiar with all the technical details of Bitcoin transactions. In other words, it may not be easy or enjoyable to use for users who are crypto newbies.

icon Features

One of Txstat’s main features is that it offers a series of dashboards centred around a specific element of Bitcoin transactions such as bathing or SegWit. This tool tracks many significant network statistics, including mempool size, block space distribution or fee estimates.

It supports multiple advanced Bitcoin features and tracks their adoption on the network.


It's a data dashboard for Bitcoin, but digging deeper into network technicalities, giving insight into deeper usage of Bitcoin.

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