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A B2B platform that enhances sports trading businesses by aggregating and automating odds data feeds from a variety of providers. It is mainly used by online sports betting exchanges to provide end-users with more accurate information.

As specialised in automated predictive risk management, this tool provides tailored and relevant data. Due to a number of strategic partnerships, such as with the Narrativa company, it brings to the table more significant benefits for customers within the online gaming industry.

App typePredictive risk management for sports
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appYes
Desktop appYes
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icon Pros explained

  • Increased efficiency TradeArt provides a fast and reliable service with high availability and low latency. This is beneficial for customers in a highly competitive gaming industry, where accuracy and speed are recognised as vital factors for success.
  • Market-friendly This B2B platform supports multiple languages and currencies, making it suitable for divergent markets and customers. The platform can be configured to match the customers’ preferences and needs, such as the language of the content, the currency of the bets, the events’ time zone, and the format of the odds.
  • Intuitive BackOffice TradeArt’s BackOffice enables configuring and conducting real-time risk management for all types of customers and events, including risk management on the customer level. In case one of the data providers is temporarily unavailable, the BackOffice smoothly switches to another provider. Therefore, operations are available 24/7/365.

icon Cons explained

  • Limited coverage This tool relies on data providers that it aggregates, so it may happen that it doesn’t cover all sports and events someone may be interested in. This can happen if a customer wants to bet on niche or local sports.
  • Technical complexity Even though TradeArt is a flexible and intuitive platform, it may require some technical expertise to integrate and configure data according to customers’ needs. Therefore, users can find themselves dealing with issues such as API compatibility and integration of the platform.

icon Features

TradeArt has several distinctive features due to its main functionalities.

Primarily, it provides a unified feed. The TradeArt tool aggregates the best odds from divergent data providers into unified data representation. Customers are enabled to select a tailored feed for each event.

Furthermore, it provides real-time risk management. Customers can adjust the odds and limits in real-time. Due to a flexible BackOffice, it is possible to configure real-time risk management for all sorts of customers and events. Data analysis has been enhanced since Trade Art joined forces with Narrativa, a company focused on using AI and natural language generation (NLG) to produce content.

Finally, TradeArt provides its customers with the ability to make market specific offerings. In other words, customers can create customised offerings for popular events such as pre-match, live and virtual sports.


A next-generation single API platform that provides automated predictive risk management and odds trading control in the world of sports betting.

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