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The Proto platform is used for creating animated prototypes without writing a single line of code. The main idea behind Proto is to enable designers to create products in a timely manner without putting too much effort.

Due to the use of AI, supports a variety of features and touch styles to carry through mobile app screens, screen transitions and more.

App typePrototype AI support
Price15-day trial, Paid
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appYes
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • User-friendly interface The interface is quite simple and intuitive. This means that users can create prototypes seamlessly by using the platform and User Interface (UI) components. Customers can choose from three collections of components such as Basic and Templates, depending on tailored preferences. Within the UI component libraries, users can access hundreds of interactive and customizable native IU items.
  • Touch events supports all the major mobile touch events and gestures such as tap, swipe, zoom and pinch. Moreover, it supports animated screen transitions, and multi-touch events.
  • Design elements provides a variety of stunning UI components and design elements eligible for general prototyping needs. For example, you can find toolbars, navigation bars, forms, texts, photos and many more. It is all suitable for creating prototypes quickly.
  • Availability is available on all mobile platforms and works on Android, iPhone and iPad without any constraints.

icon Cons explained

  • 15-day limited trial The trial version is limited up to 15 days. Many of’s market competitors provide a 30-day trial version. Moreover, its pricing plan may be expensive for some users, especially if they need more than one user account or need more than five active projects. In other words, they have 15 days to decide whether the platform is worth paying more.
  • Large-scale project support At the moment, the platform may be lacking advanced features or integrations for complex projects. For instance, broad projects might need more customization options or data-driven prototyping.

icon Features

This tool has been created to bridge the communication gap between designers, developers, managers, and clients when working on a team project. enhances collaboration by enabling all of these teammates to work on the same platform. It includes a live feed option where changes are updated automatically.

Furthermore,’s distinctive feature is that it provides interactive building of prototypes that function like real applications. This tool enables users to design prototypes that interact in the same manner as a finished app. To do that, you don’t need to be a coder at all.

Finally, enables users to create layers on multiple screens. This feature enables the whole team to work faster and better organise work.


Prototyping, chatbots and voice assistants to handle multiple customer requests. 100+ languages.

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