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Milk Road can be described as a tool that informs users about the crypto space. It covers a variety of topics within the crypto ecosystem such as gaming, art, NFTs, and investing, along with notable interviews. The Milk Road tool also provides tutorials, guides and resources for users to improve their crypto-related knowledge and skills.

Milk Road practically went from zero to hero in only 6 months. After growing over 250,000 subscribers, this tool got acquired by Coinbase, a popular crypto platform. It continued to function as an independent brand under Coinbase.

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icon Pros explained

  • Informative Milk Road is an educational tool that is also simple and fun. To teach people about crypto matters, this tool covers a variety of topics and features interviews with crypto experts, creators, and industry leaders. Milk Road’s narrative is beginner-friendly and entertaining.
  • Accessible The Milk Road tool is free and easily accessible. Users can subscribe to a free newsletter in a simple manner and receive daily updates and informative articles. It also has a strong social media presence. However, it includes a premium subscription option that is not free.
  • Versatile Milk Road’s content is well written; it makes complicated topics easily understandable. It covers a wide range of topics such as gaming, NFTs, taxes, staking, borrowing, and investment strategies. This tool tracks the most recent crypto market updates and trends, ensuring that users keep up with crypto novelties.

icon Cons explained

  • Potential bias After Milk Road was acquired by Coinbase, a big player on the crypto market, suspicions against potential bias emerged. Since Milk Road informs users about almost everything on the crypto market, a part of the crypto community thinks that it may be influenced or incentivised by Coinbase to endorse its offerings and highlight its products, interest and views. Some readers have questioned Milk Road’s objectivity and editorial freedom after being integrated within the Coinbase umbrella.

icon Features

Milk Road is a totally free and easily accessible tool. It generates revenue through sponsorship and advertising. Basically, it provides opportunities for companies to promote their offerings to the crypto community.

This tool uses Beehiiv as a platform that aids creators in building and monetising their newsletter. The Beehiiv platform provides useful tools such as analytics, segmentation polls, referral programs, and templates.

Additionally, Milk Road also utilises Substack, a platform that allows writers to publish their articles. It also enables Milk Road to collect payments from premium subscribers.

Following the Coinbase acquisition of Milk Road, the tool integrated Coinbase API, a service that enables developers to access Coinbase’s data. Milk Road takes advantage of Coinbase API to show live crypto charts, prices, and recent news.


From 0 to 150,000 subscribers in only 6 months. A tool that educates people on crypto in a fun way.

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