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The Fire Web3 tool is one of the emerging names within the Web3 security space, competing with similar tools that want to simplify and secure transactions. It is currently available as a free Chrome browser extension with plans to support other browsers in the future.

Fire claims to have over 30,000 wallets using its browser extension,

App typeWeb3 security
Hardware compatibilityExtension for Chrome, Brave, Firefox
Mobile appNo
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • Compatibility Fire is compatible with many crypto wallets; it supports a multitude of Web3 protocols and platforms. For example, this tool supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Uniswap, Polygon, SushiSwap, Compound, Aave, and more.
  • Useful Basically, Fire is useful. It received a lot of good online reviews that mostly highlighted the same thing - simplifying Web3 and smart contracts to ordinary users. Many users are coding illiterate and don’t truly understand what they are signing when conducting a transaction within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Safety Fire is a Web3 safety tool. It educates users on how to avoid scams and mistakes by demonstrating what happens during the signing of a smart contract. This tool also alerts users of possible anomalies and issues regarding their transactions.
  • Free Fire is available as a free extension that users can download and use with their crypto wallet. It doesn’t charge any fees for its service.

icon Cons explained

  • Limited availability This Web3 tool is available currently as a Chrome browser extension only. At the moment, it doesn’t support other browsers and platforms, but future plans regarding this issue have been announced.
  • Regulatory gaps Since Fire is a tool that operates within the Web3 ecosystem, it faces the uncertainty issue since Web3 is still broadly unregulated. That means two things; primarily, new regulations could change things on the Web3 scene, and secondly, users are solely responsible for their transaction and compliance with their domestic jurisdiction.

icon Features

The Fire tool encompasses a few interesting technical features that differentiates it from its market competitors.

For starters, Fire includes a simulation feature that simulates Web3 transactions and shows the user what will enter and exit their crypto wallet before they actually sign the contract. This technical feature also shows potential outcomes, fees and risks regarding the desired transaction.

For educational purposes, this tool visualises Web3 transactions and displays to the user what happens at the smart contract in a format readable by humans. Therefore, users can gain a better insight into the whole process, along with noting important details and alerts regarding Web3 security.


Making Web3 simple and secure. Available as a free browser extension that is compatible with multiple crypto wallets.

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