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The Blocknative tool is a provider of accurate gas estimation that helps end-users track their gas fees. Generally, a blockchain ETH gas estimator refers to a tool that estimates the cost of gas fees when conducting transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees depend on particular occurrences such as the network congestion, the determined gas price and the transaction’s complexity.

Blocknative shows the current gas price, the average confirmation time, and the probability of success regarding divergent gas levels. It is possible to set alerts to be notified when prices fall below a desired threshold.

App typeWeb3 gas estimator
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appNo
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • Accurate estimation Due to the use of a machine learning model and confidence levels, the Blocknative gas estimator is able to precisely predict gas prices.
  • Simple pricing Even though the tool itself may be a bit complex for beginners, the pricing model is quite simple. Blocknative created a layout that is easy to comprehend and navigate, along with a design that minimises complexity. It's free for individual use.
  • Good reputation The Blocknative company has established itself as a reliable source for providing information regarding gas fees on the market. It manages to achieve a good reputation due to its gas estimator showing accurate results over time. If you take a look at the numbers, it can be seen that its URL rating has shown substantial growth.

icon Cons explained

  • Not for beginners Blocknative’s mission is to develop Web3 products and services that improve users’ experiences in relation to conducting blockchain transactions. However, Blocknative’s products, including the gas estimator, are complex and difficult to understand for an average user.
  • Limited network support This tool supports Ethereum and Polygon networks. Even though these are really popular blockchain networks, some users may prefer other blockchains such as Solana, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain.

icon Features

The BlockNative gas estimator includes a number of interesting features.

This tool leverages a global network of nodes that gathers and analyses transaction data from the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Therefore, this feature enables a thorough view of transaction-related activities and the mempool’s state.

To be able to accurately estimate gas prices, BlockNative’s tool uses a machine learning model that takes advantage of both historical and real-time data. It is claimed that it is an advanced model that is constantly updated and configured due to the changing conditions of the Ethereum network.

The BlockNative gas estimator also includes so-called gas estimation confidence levels. In simple terms, users can choose from four levels such as low, medium, high, and urgent, depending on the desired speed and cost.

Finally, the tool provides predictions based on block number rather than just time. It is stated that this technique is more reliable. In other words, it shows end-users the expected gas price for the next 10 blocks, along with the average confirmation time.


Blocknative gas estimator shows the current gas price, the average confirmation time, and the probability of success regarding divergent gas levels.

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