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Created by Tone Vays, a former Wall Street trader and a Bitcoin analyst, is a website that provides the Bitcoin fee estimator tool.

This tool is used to help users calculate the optimal fee for their Bitcoin transactions according to changing network conditions.

App typeBitcoin fee estimator
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appNo
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • User-friendly The tool brings to the table a simple and intuitive interface that enables end-users to enter the size of their transaction in bytes and see an estimated fee regarding divergent confirmation priorities.
  • Frequent updates The fee estimator is updated frequently to accurately reflect the latest fee occurrences and network conditions. The website provides a special chart that displays the historical fee estimates for divergent priority levels.
  • NFT-friendly This tool supports Bitcoin NFTs which are NFTs that are inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinals protocol. Users are enabled to use the fee estimator to calculate fees used for creating or transferring Bitcoin NFTs.

icon Cons explained

  • Potential accuracy issues Even though this tool has been described as an accurate one, network conditions can change unpredictably. is mainly based on historical data which may not reflect precisely the current or future state of the Bitcoin network.
  • Compatibility issues The fee estimator may not be compatible with all wallets and platforms. In other words, users may need to manually configure fees or switch to a compatible wallet.

icon Features

The tool uses a custom algorithm that analyses the current conditions of the Bitcoin network such as the block frequency, the mempool size, and the fee distribution, to calculate the optimal fee for each level of priority.

Another important’s feature is that it supports Segwit transactions. These are transactions that use a protocol upgrade that lowers the fees and reduces the size of Bitcoin transactions. In simple words, Segwit transactions have lower fees per byte than transactions that don’t support Segwit.

Finally, it encompasses an API feature that enables developers to easily integrate the fee estimator into their very own websites or applications.


A simple tool that provides accurate information. The BTC fee estimator supports Segwit, a protocol upgrade that reduces the size of transactions and lowers the fees.

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