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APY.vision is a data platform that tracks liquidity pools, calculates liquidity pool performance and impermanent losses, and tracks yield farming rewards in a single place.

Users are enabled to monitor their positions to track farming rewards and vaults, analyse historic data and health metrics, along with finding new pools to join.

App typeDeFi tracker and toolkit
Hardware compatibilityAll browsers
Mobile appNo
Desktop appNo
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icon Pros explained

  • User-friendly APY.vision contains a simple, yet attractive, user interface that is easy to scroll and informative. New users can quickly get used to it.
  • Integrations This tool supports a wide range of blockchains and protocols, including the most popular ones such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, SushiSwap, UniSwap, and many more. It enables users to track their pools across multiple networks.
  • Strategic partnerships As claimed by the team behind this tool, APY.vision managed to partner up with many notable names on the DeFi scene such as CoinGecko, 1inch, SushiSwap, UniSwap, Nansen, and many more.

icon Cons explained

  • Lack of information Even though APY.vision provides information on its website, it lacks user reviews and information from other sources. This may be a drawback to some users.

icon Features

With APY.vision users can track their liquidity pool gains and impermanent losses. This tool enables users to fetch relevant data to maximise their returns.

When it comes to investment opportunities, APY.vision aids give users a helping hand in finding the most profitable opportunities before others by comparing pool performance and collected fees.

Users get more capabilities by unlocking PRO features - they can access advanced analytics by holding VISION tokens.


A mix of technology, many integrations and strategic partnerships to help users get around in the DeFi space.

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