Beginner. 11 materials

12 min read
What is cryptocurrency?
Learn what cryptocurrency is, what you can do with it & why it has value. Learn about Bitcoin & sound money.
10 min read
Bitcoin, scarcity & trust in money
Learn why scarcity and trust are crucial to money having value; discover why modern money isn’t scarce and how Bitcoin is.
10 min read
How Bitcoin works
Learn how Bitcoin achieves sound money and trust, through a combination of cryptography and economic incentive. Find out what bitcoin mining is, and how it works,
10 min read
Bitcoin's limitations
Learn how Bitcoin's design compromises speed for decentralisation creating limitations on low value transactions. Find out how layer two solutions can solve this issue.
9 min read
What is Ethereum
What does Ethereum do, how it differs from Bitcoin & the new crypto economies it has enabled.
9 min read
What is a Blockchain
What are the unique characteristics of a blockchain? What are the problems they solve & how do they do it?
7 min read
What Are Decentralised Crypto Exchanges? DEX Explained
Learn about a decentralised exchange (DEX) and how it works, the advantages and disadvantages over a centralised exchange (CEX) and why DEXs are important
10 min read
Measuring crypto adoption
If crypto is so great how can you measure its success? Learn the key metrics for measuring crypto usage and adoption along a framework for assessing them.
8 min read
What are Tokenomics?
Learn the standard set of metrics that Tokenomics uses to interpret cryptocurrency supply schedules and coin distribution to help determine value.
8 min read
Crypto's new frontiers
What is the next big thing in crypto? Discover the new crypto economies that are emerging & how they might impact your life.
8 min read
What are token standards?
What role do token standards play in offering value different cryptocurrencies? And how has this concept been used even before cryptocurrency was around?

Advanced. 11 materials

10 min read
A fork in the road
Learn what a ‘fork’ is; how they occur when people disagree about the ways to develop and improve cryptocurrencies.
9 min read
Building on top of Bitcoin
Learn how building a second layer on top of Bitcoin is the key to its use for everyday money. Find out how layer two solutions like the Lightning Network function.
9 min read
What is a Stablecoin?
Learn what a Stablecoin is, the problem they solve & how governments are now trying to create their own versions.
8 min read
AMM Explained: Automated Market Makers & How They Work
Learn about automated market makers or AMMs that let you trade crypto without intermediaries, combining Smart Contracts and incentives for liquidity provision.
7 min read
What Are Wrapped Crypto Tokens?
Learn about wrapped crypto tokens and how they work, and the risks associated with using them.
7 min read
What Is POAP? Proof of Attendance Protocol Explained
If scrapbooks are a way to conserve a lifetime of memories, then POAP, or Proof of Attendance Protocol, can be seen as a new way of digitally recording a person’s experiences. Learn about POAP and POAP NFTs, how they work, how you can get some and why you should.
6 min read
What is Layer 2 and how does it work?
What is Layer 2 in crypto, why is it important to Bitcoin and Ethereum? Learn about how Layer 2 tackles Layer 1 crypto's scalability concerns.
8 min read
What are Bitcoin Ordinals? Bitcoin NFTs Explained
A new idea is taking Bitcoin by storm. Introduced in January 2023, these ‘digital artefacts’ resemble Ethereum NFTs at first glance. Because of several key differences from NFTs and instant popularity, Bitcoin Ordinals might be the first sign of the next Bitcoin bull market.
8 min read
What are Wrapped Tokens & how do they work?
Learn about wrapped Bitcoin, why it has a very similar but not identical value to Bitcoin, and why the concept of tokenisation so important.
9 min read
What are Blockchain Bridges & how do they work?
Learn about Block Bridges, what role they play in the crypto data storage, and why they're important.
8 min read
What is an Oracle in Blockchain?
Learn about oracles in crypto, how they work, oracle smart contract applications and the blockchain oracle problem.

Expert. 1 material

8 min read
What are Soulbound Tokens? SBT explained
Learn what soulbound tokens SBT are, the concept of soul in crypto, web3, and decentralised society, and the possible uses of soulbound tokens.