Why Crypto?

Not convinced about the case for crypto? Let's see if we can change your mind.

Bitcoin — the ultimate store of value

In just over a decade Bitcoin has established itself as a superior store of value to gold, cherished by man for over 6,000 years.

$1 Invested in Bitcoin over 12 years


Value of $1 invested in Bitcoin in 2009

Cryptocurrency represents an unprecedented opportunity for wealth transfer. Start learning why.

The US dollar
is like a melting ice cube

Its purchasing power has declined by 96% since 1913.

The same thing is happening to your savings.
Bitcoin fixes this. Learn how.

US dollar inflation as melting ice cube

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Money printer goes

Almost half of all USD in circulation was printed in the last two years. As more money is created, its purchasing power declines and investors search for scarce assets like Bitcoin, which become more valuable.

Growth of the US Dollar Money Supply

Big institutions buying into Bitcoin

Publicly traded companies now hold almost 250,000 Bitcoin on their balance sheets and this trend is expected to accelerate in 2022. What do they know? Find out today by start by learning the basics of cryptocurrency.

Year Marketcap, $ Comparison GDP Country Rank Rank Change
2021 885,060,000,000 19/213 Above Saudi Arabia & Switzerland +4
2020 536 723 400 000 23/208 Above Belgium & Thailand +35
2019 130 446 112 598 58/208 Above Morocco, Ecuador & Slovakia +17
2018 65 331 499 158 75/208 Panama, Croatia & Costa Rica -31
2017 237 465 823 980 44/208 Above Egypt, Vietnam & Portugal +70
2016 15 492 554 222 118/208 Above Georgia, Jamaica & Mali +32
2015 130 446 112 598 58/208 Above Morocco, Ecuador & Slovakia +17
2014 4 377 510 595 165/208 Above Maldives, Liberia & Greenland -20
2013 9 191 325 349 145/208 Above Tajikistan, Rwanda & Monaco +61
2012 142 712 300 206/208 Countries Above Tuvalu & Nauru +2
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Bitcoin’s unstoppable growth

In just over a decade Bitcoin has grown from nothing to boast a market capitalisation greater than all but the the largest countries on earth.

Understand Crypto

If you want the short story about crypto head to our TL;DR section.

Short answers to all the most common questions and misconceptions about crypto for anyone who doesn’t want the full story.

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Some economists saw crypto coming

Back in 1984, Nobel prize-winning economist, F.A.Hayek, talked in amazingly prescient terms about a form of money governments couldn't control. Watch the clip here
He wasn't alone, but his quote made a case for Bitcoin over 30 years before
its Whitepaper was published.

I don't believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government

We can't take it violently
out of the hands of government, all we can do is, by some sly roundabout way, introduce something they can't stop

F.A. Hayek

Nobel Prize Winning Austrian-British Economist
Year Price at start, $ Price at end, $
2021 28,949.50 46,726.56
2020 7,199.80 28,949.50
2018 3,809.40 7,196.40
2018 13,444.90 3,709.40
2017 995.40 13,850.44
2016 434.00 963.40
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Stay calm & keep hodling

In all but 2014 and 2018 the price of Bitcoin was higher at the end of year than the start.

This is not investment advice.