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Learn Crypto Feb 25 · 6 min read

Crypto requires plenty of research to get up to speed with this new form of magic internet money. But given the speed of innovation and rapidly changing adoption landscape, you also need to stay informed and in-tune with the latest memes. One of the best ways is to stand on the shoulders of giants in the form of Crypto Twitter Influencers. So we’ve gathered together the ultimate list of crypto Twitter influencers so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Before we jump into our list of crypto twitter influencers, we should explain how we’ve curated them. There are thousands of Twitter accounts with crypto related bios and decent follower accounts, but that doesn’t mean that they provide valuable information. 

So we’ve focused on accounts that are known to provide genuine value, either in terms of information, opinion, entertainment or all three. We’ve curated accounts from across a range of sub-categories that crypto breaks down into. You’ll see this indicated, which also includes a spectrum of conflicting opinions. Crypto Twitter can be adversarial given the future of money is at stake.

The numbering isn’t a pecking order, or ranking; we feel that each deserves to be followed.

So with no furher ado, let’s dive in.

1 - PlanB - Anonymous - Fundamental Analysis

We don’t know much about the identity of crypto analyst and influencer, PlanB, as he has kept his identity secret, but he has created arguably the most well-known models for valuing Bitcoin. His Stock-to-flow analysis provided a clear framework for predicting the future price of Bitcoin, and has to date been very accurate, attracting almost 650k followers.

Such is the attention his models have received, that many believe that their failure would strike significant blow to wider confidence in Bitcoin. By PlanB’s own admissions Bitcoin price needs to be at $100k by the end of 2021 or his model will be considered to have failed. His Twitter account is likely to get very interesting as we approach the turn of the year.

2 - Will Clemente - Trading - On-Chain Analysis

Will Clemente may only be nineteen but in a very short time his analysis of the bitcoin market has earned him over 160,000 followers and a lot of admirers from within the industry. He is a proponent of the growing use of on-chain analytics, taking blockchain data to predict future price movement, which is now featured in the newsletter of another well-known influencer, Anthony Pompliano. 

Clemente’s analysis may not be suited for beginners, but he writes in an uncomplicated way, explaining his logic as he goes, providing fascinating detail for anyone who wants a quantitative perspective on the Bitcoin market.

3 - CryptoCobain - The Trader You Dream of Being

Crypto Cobain is one of the cleverest crypto influencer accounts because the sarcasm and parody are so good that many twitter users don’t recognise it as such. His tweets ooze zero fucks given because he got into crypto early and has made a lot of money, and also because he appears to tweet after consuming a lot of alcohol and recreational drugs.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Cobie only does sarcasm. He has a very sharp take on crypto, particularly the bullish case for Ethereum, and his Twitch side project @uponlytv is growing in popularity, interviewing some of the most entertaining people in crypto.

4 - Ari Paul - Macro, Fundamental, Market & NFT Analysis

This tweet from Ari Paul does a great job of explaining his perspective on life and crypto. He is bullish about crypto, rather than just Bitcoin, and is willing to make that case, even when it draws a lot of fire.

His approach is to make an investment thesis, which is unsurprising given he is a founder of a Blocktower Capital, a crypto and blockchain investment firm. Though he has a deep understanding of how crypto works, his tweets are not laden with jargon and he provides a good insight on investing in NFTs.

5 - Alex Gladstein - Bitcoin & Human Rights

As the Chief Strategy Office for the Human Rights Foundation Alex Gladstein brings a very different perspective to the power of Bitcoin, focusing on its use as a tool against financial repression.

Gladstein's take offers a welcome antidote to what can seem like a fixation on 'number goes up' discussion around Bitcoin. He offers detailed insight into how Bitcoin is being used around the world by communities that face political and financial restriction.

6 - Dan Held - Simple Bitcoin Advocacy 

Dan Held’s Twitter account provides a very clear USP - I explain Bitcoin simply - which aligns with what we at Learn Crypto are trying to do. He must be doing something right as he has over 300k followers enjoying his uncomplicated analysis of Bitcoin.

Held works in Growth Marketing for Kraken (one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges) and previously for Uber, and that marketing brain is apparent in his clear and compelling approach to explaining why everyone should be paying attention Bitcoin.

7 - Documenting Bitcoin - Bitcoin News Aggregation

Documenting Bitcoin is a testament to the power of effectively curated content and a good sense of your audience. The account was only created in December 2020 and already has over 500,000 followers, thanks to the way it curates interesting news and perspectives on Bitcoin.

As you can tell from the bio, Documenting Bitcoin is very bullish ‘Follow along as #Bitcoin goes from magic internet money to the global reserve currency’. So you’ll only find one side of the discussion but presented in clever and engaging tweets that may help convert those yet to be convinced, and will certain bolster those already full onside.

8 - Jameson Lopp - Bitcoin Maximalist & Cypherpunk

If you are looking for someone with credibility with the Bitcoin ecosystem Jameson Lopp is a name that is bound to pop up. It’s easy on Twitter to talk-the-talk, without the walking part. Lopp has put a target on his back, defending Bitcoin, both the technology and the philosophy, and has taken fire.

He was on the end of a much-publicised swatting attack in 2017, linked to his defending of Segwit in the Blocksize Wars, along with follow-up threats to him and his family, but rather than hide, Lopp simply doubled down on his attempts to live as a Cypherpunk.

He tweets a lot about security best practice, which shouldn’t be a surprise as he is Co-founder of Casa Hodl, a service for securely storing your Bitcoin.

9 - Alex Gladstein - Progressive case for Bitcoin

One of the common questions asked by those who are sceptical of Bitcoin is whether anyone is actually using it beyond naked speculation. Follow Alex Gladstein and you'll find an answer to that question.

Working for the Human Rights Foundation Gladstein writes extensively about how Bitcoin is helping the politically and financially repressed around the world from Palestine to Sudan. In short, he makes a progressive case for Bitcoin but inevitably takes a political stance as power, money and politics are inextricably linked.

His essays aren't short and his content is low on humour but it provides an invaluable window on what its like for the huge proportion of the world's population facing financial repression.

10 - Lyn Alden - Macro Analysis

Some of the influencers included in this list are included because of the strength of their conviction about Bitcoin, not because of their balanced view. Lyn Alden is worth following precisely because of the balance she provides and the absence of drama, memes or anything remotely aggressive or antagonistic. 

Alden is a Bitcoin believer, but that belief is informed by detailed and logical research across a wide range of macroeconomic themes. She has skin in the game with Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, is a regular on some of the top Bitcoin podcasts and was on one of the best received panels at Bitcoin2021 in Miami.

You can follow without agreeing

Please note, by including these accounts in this list, Learn Crypto isn’t endorsing all of their views and opinions. As covered in our article of Bitcoin Maximalism, crypto is a diverse space with many different tribes and political slants. 

You will almost certainly disagree with some proportion of the tweets from these crypto influencers, but challenging your ideas is a good thing.

Another important thing to be aware of is that everyone on this list will have multiple fake accounts looking to scam unsuspecting followers. This is especially difficult to counter where accounts are anonymous, and cannot qualify for a blue tick, which shows authenticity.

Navigating crypto twitter comes with the same warnings as the wider ecosystem. Be on your guard at all times, but on balance your journey up the crypto learning curve should be less steep by making it part of your daily routine to listen to what these top crypto twitter influencers have to say.