About Learn Crypto

Learn Crypto is a free learning platform introducing users to the world of cryptocurrency. One of the biggest obstacles to understanding crypto is that it is both complex and unfamiliar. So how does Learn Crypto address this?


Percentage of survey respondents confused by all major aspects of crypto

Making it easy to understand

Our aim is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone by explaining it in terms that are easy to understand. Though the content becomes more complex as you progress, we aim to maintain the simplicity. 

Knowing that many people first encounter crypto through stories of fortunes being made, we are very up front about the risks involved. Though it may not be the message people want to hear, we are very clear that you should learn what crypto is and does before thinking about investing or trading.

We’ve analysed search intent, and asked prospective users what they want to learn about cryptocurrency, as well as what they find confusing.

Making it relevant

We’ve analysed search intent, and asked prospective users what they want to learn about cryptocurrency, as well as what they find confusing. This ensures we are offering the most relevant content with the right learning objectives.

We have produced a separate article all about the process we took to understand what interest newcomers most. This not only helped us make the site relevant, the insight we gained into general perceptions (and misconceptions) of cryptocurrency, gave clues to state of crypto adoption.

Making it engaging

We understand that knowing something doesn’t necessarily mean you are qualified to teach it. Following best practice within online learning, we’ve structured the site, and content, to be as engaging as possible. We try to tell a story and not deliver a lecture. 

We also hold up a mirror to some of the biggest questions around crypto in our blog, such as the question of environmental impact of Bitcoin.

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Making a case for crypto

We believe in the transformational power of crypto, but appreciate that not everyone shares our enthusiasm. For the unconvinced, we’ve gathered together what we feel is a compelling, but balanced, case in our Why Crypto section.

TLDR - Short answers to the big questions

While understanding crypto can be confusing, it becomes even harder when there are conflicting messages about critical aspects. For people who just want clear, easily digestible facts about crypto  we created the TLDR section.

It addresses - head on - the biggest misconceptions and criticisms of crypto, with short and punchy explanations.

Why are we doing this?

Our vision is to build a free learning community that inspires people to adopt cryptocurrency. As such, all content on the site is free. You can create an account, which will soon give you access to free courses on the subjects currently covered within the Knowledge Base.